Thursday, June 17, 2010

Corner Gas

I woke up on the couch again. Corner Gas was on. It was the Percy Pedals episode. The Comedy Network is always a gamble, but I fell asleep just after The Colbert Report ended. Which was at midnight. I am getting old. My old sleeping pattern had me going to bed at 7am and rolling out of bed (couch?) around 3pm (if I’m lucky). I suppose falling asleep around 12am and waking up at 7am is… weird as fuck. But probably good for me.

What’s probably not so good for me is that I constantly wake up around 4am realizing I’ve forgotten to give my insulin (had type 1 diabetes since I was 11) and take my Celexa (antidepressants). All taken care of for tonight, of course.

I’m sure at least one person (if only one imaginary person) has put this together by now: I started this blog just after watching the latest episode of House where Donna from That 70’s Show was a sick blogger. Sick as in ill. I decided that I wanted to have a blog that I didn’t have to think about. I have one blog dedicated to movie reviews and one about douchebags. This is mostly to let me have fun writing with no pressure. I’m already a week behind on the others since Jordan and I started dating. Damn men. (That’s a joke. I am not a feminist. I do not hate men. This blog is not about my period.)


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