Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Back in the day (around when I was 15), I was hugely into the anime Inu-Yasha. I had a few of the mangas, but I mostly followed it exclusively on TV. Also around that time, Planeview Hobbies (a.k.a. “the anime store” and/or “the comic book store”) carried a 12”, fully articulated figure of Inu-Yasha. I bought one, of course. But in the years since, I gave it to my brother’s ex-girlfriend, knowing she was far more into the show than I. Now, however, I want to get another, but rather than an Inu-Yasha one, I’d like to get Sango. Sometime soon (I hope), I plan on going to the comic book store to see if they can order one in. Actually, I’ll probably order two. My friend Erin went by the name “Sango” online all through high school. I went by “Kagome” (the main female character of the show).

So the purpose of this post is simply to tell you how much of a dork I am. Speaking of which, the government recently gave me a tonne of money (well, it’s a tonne when you usually have none) and I think I’ll use it to finally get that Triforce tattoo. Or one of the others I have planned. Yes, I am a loser. And I like it.

And on the topic of likes, I need the Kickass soundtrack. Now. That movie had awesome music. And I swear to Christ, one of the songs in the movie was the theme from 28 Days Later. Which is AWESOME.

Today, however, shall yield no shopping. But it shall contain wicked amounts of awesome. Pat and I are finally taking our cameras out again! We haven’t been able to for a long while because he broke his foot and holy shit, it’s hard to get around on that. Also, the winter season is only pretty for a while, and then you get so tired of seeing nothing but snow. Lots and lots of boring, grey-ish snow. FUN. Usually, I love snow, but now it’s spring and all I want is to go to the beach! I love the beach and I haven’t been swimming in far too long. Unfortunately, despite the warming weather, the ice only just left the beaches so the water’s still pretty fuckin’ cold. But I’ll still chance it.

Yay for summer.

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