Thursday, June 17, 2010


The other day, while helping Pat run errands (he has a broken foot, so he doesn’t run so well), I had to stop in at my old office. We were dropping off posters for an event Catherine (Pat’s girlfriend, my hairdresser/friend) was running to support the Kidney Foundation. It made sense to toss a few at the Arts Council (my former job) since all they do is post flyers and whatnot. As soon as I walked in, Sandra, my former boss, offered me a job. Technically it wasn’t a firm offer as I still had to submit a resume, but I wasn’t about to turn down a job. I’m currently unemployed and I could really stand to change that.

I hadn’t heard from Sandra since submitting my resume and I was beginning to wonder if I was still in the running, so I called the office this morning. Apparently my interview is on the 22nd * at 1pm. I’m not sure who it’ll be with because usually the Arts Council is non-profit and can’t afford to employ anyone. All employees are paid through grants from the Canadian government. But somehow, they are suddenly able to actually pay me a salary (I was working on a 3-month contract before), which is fantastic! I’m wondering who’s financing this because they’ll most likely be the ones interviewing.

Sadly, it seems that Pat is very busy today. I may be hanging out at Catherine’s (she has her own hairstyling business because she’s awesome) for a while, but it all depends on how motivated I am to get out of the house. Lucky for you, being at home usually means blogging! Have fun reading. (Yes, the blogging comment was sarcastic.)

*I originally posted this in March, so that interview was a long time ago.

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