Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kickass Tarts

Last night, Jordan and I went to see Kickass. Predictably, it was FUCKING AWESOME. Hit Girl is definitely my favourite character. She rocked.

Today, I’ve been hanging out with Pat. We watched two episodes of Warehouse 13 (which is an amazing show — on the SyFy channel), and made butter tarts. I am so pro at putting the pastry dough into the muffin pan. Oh yeah. They turned out great, too. Very delicious. Sometime during the day, we hit up Penny’s Pets to get crickets for Daphne (Catherine’s leopard gecko) and while I was there I got to hold the teeniest, tiniest calico kitten. It was the most adorable little kitten! She couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old. I want a little kitten so badly. Or I want a friend to get one so I can play with it whenever I visit them. I’m diabolical.

Pat and I will be leaving soon to meet Catherine at the mall to help her pick out new glasses frames. I voted for the red ones but I don’t think she’ll choose them. Oh well.

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