Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kuts for Kidneys

Do you know what is the best kind of potato in the world? One that has been scalloped. Holy shit, I love them. I am currently eating some for dinner now. It’s very strange eating dinner at 8 at night, but I was helping Pat and Cat set up for tomorrow’s “Kuts for Kidneys”. Catherine (a.k.a. Cat) owns and runs her own hairstyling shop and once a year she holds an event which benefits the Kidney Foundation wherein 100% of profits from haircuts on that day go directly to the Kidney Foundation. Tomorrow is it. So after I finish eating, I’ll be making cupcakes for tomorrow’s bake sale.

I love baking (not that kind). I was supposed to have help (not that it’s really required for cupcakes-in-a-box), but Mercy (a.k.a. Mercedes), my brother’s ex-girlfriend, had to work. Which sucks because I hardly ever see her these days and it’s a lot of fun to bake with her (the drug reference is hilarious because she used to love “baking”). I think I’ll make more cupcakes next week, just for fun. I plan on using yellow cupcake paper (or whatever you call them), cherry cake mix, and blue icing, then topping them all off with a grey, fondant fin. JAWS cupcakes! How awesome is that? I’ll tell you: WICKED AWESOME.

Now it’s time for some chocolate love (a.k.a. baking chocolate cupcakes). I may post pictures. If they end up being fun.

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