Thursday, June 24, 2010


This afternoon, I came to several realizations. These are their stories.

Realization #1: Someone’s knocking on a door.

Realization #2: My bedroom door is open.

Realization #3: Someone’s standing in the doorway.

Realization #4: Whoever they are, they’re crying.

Realization #5: It’s Kendra. And now I’m awake.

Realization #6: I should probably tell her to come in.

Realization #7: There’s nowhere for her to sit.

Realization #8: I should move stuff.

Realization #9: I don’t have a shirt on.

Realization #10: I’m not wearing glasses.

And so on. The rest of my waking up process was pretty much the same, but involved more clothes. And me wearing them.

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