Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesdays With Dave

I have a voice lesson every Tuesday at 3pm. As today is Tuesday, my mom and I headed for Thomas Walls School of Music (represent! No, I’m not black, just offensive). Being the clever and observant woman I am, I realized (by reading the sign) that this is the March break and there are no lessons this week. Instead, we went to Canadian Tire for yard bags (to put our yard in).

While there, we purchased a milk container (because in Canada we get our milk in bags), a yellow watering can, yard bags, gum, Halls, salvation, and two Kellogg’s kitsch bowls. What? Oh, salvation? Yeah, when we got back to our car, sticking out of my mom’s car door was a “Personal Bible”; a little, red, 2” x 2 1/2” gem of religion. For the record, I’m Atheist. Raised Roman Catholic, but at 17 I decided it wasn’t for me. My mom and sister are still on the religious side of the fence.

In any case, the little Bible amuses me. Firstly, it includes an address in the back “for extra copies”. Said address?

SOWERS OF SEED (seriously, they capitalized it)
Box 6217 Ft. Worth,
Tex. 76115 USA

SOWERS OF SEED. I call shenanigans. Dirty shenanigans. And it even comes with a real(-ish) cover. It’s hilarious. I should clarify that I’m not making fun of religion itself. I’m not mocking religious people or the idea of religion. But I do hate the universalizing religions for trying to push their religion on me. It demonstrates a lack of respect for my beliefs. I know I sound hateful, but I really have no beef with religion. Just what they make people do.

In other news, tonight Jordan and I were supposed to see Alice in Wonderland, but I’m a moron and I let myself get dehydrated again. My head hates me today. Instead, he’s going to come over, which is even better. My Uncle Dave is coming into town tonight. I’m excited to see him. He travels everywhere and has tonnes of awesome stories. He lives in Pennsylvania (with my Aunt Maria and cousin Andrea). He comes here quite a bit (at least once every three months), but Maria and Andrea don’t visit as much. He’s always on business trips. Anyway, he’ll only be here for one night so I’m glad Jordan’s so cool with skipping the movie tonight. I’m still really excited to see it, though. I can’t wait!

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