Thursday, June 24, 2010

What an Upgrade

Well, I got my tooth fixed on Monday. Great news, right? Yes. But of course, there is bad news: for some reason, I have a majorly intense pain radiating from the right side of my jaw and out into the rest of my face. I really hope it’s not a dental issue. I so don’t wanna go back there any time soon. If it doesn’t get any better by tomorrow, I may have to get it checked out, but until then, I am going to be optimistic about this. I probably just pulled a muscle in my sleep from all the clenching my teeth.

Also on Monday, I went to see my doctor. She was actually receptive to my suggestion of testing for possible causes of my fatigue. Because she is awesome, and not a huge bitch. I skipped therapy on Thursday. Partly because I felt like shit, and partly because I didn’t want to deal with everyone’s bullshit again. I didn’t want to sit there and be lectured on a disease I’ve had for 12 years that no one there knows anything about. Anyway, my doctor is sending me for a sleep study, some blood work, and a 24-hour urine test. That last one’s just about as fun as it sounds.

I need some fucking sleep. Damn you, Pat! Making me wake up in the morning. I totally blame you. But you have to go to the island this weekend, so that’s punishment enough. /Conversation with Pat

I’m certain I had more to say, but my life is incredibly boring, so it probably wasn’t anything worth mentioning.

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