Friday, July 23, 2010

Bad News

Hey guys. I have some bad news. My computer's power cord has broken once again. I'm borrowing my brother's to post this. Now, with most laptops, once you charge it up, its battery will last a few hours before you need to plug it back in. With mine, once unplugged, it takes about four minutes for it to shut down.

I had planned to post about baking with Pat, strange and scary occurrences in the night, awesome beach days, fantastic new movies, and other topics, but until I can get my hands on a working cord that doesn't belong to my brother, I won't be posting much. Or possibly at all.

To get your fix of bloggery, I suggest Kazooisms, Hyperbole and a Half, or Cake Wrecks.


  1. You do know that you have two computers, right?

  2. lol I do, but I really don't like using my desktop unless absolutely necessary. I'll have a new post up by tonight.