Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Canada/Independence Day!

So I'm three days late in posting this, but happy Canada Day! And for my American neighbours, happy Independence Day! Let's all enjoy the fireworks! Twice! (I can actually do that; I live right on the border of Ontario and Michigan and we can see the American fireworks from here.)

In unrelated news, my little brother graduated from high school a few days ago. Congrats, Dave! The night was somewhat bittersweet, though, as the day of the ceremony was spent in horrible yelling matches between Dave and my parents. My sister, Katie, was deleted from his Facebook, as was my mom. I'm just lucky I wasn't home for all of it. Thank god for Pat's house! Anyway, we all ended up attending the ceremony (that was the issue being "discussed" all day and at varying decibel levels), and Dave even smiled for a few photos. I won't post them as I'm sure I would end up experiencing either a lot of yelling or deletion from Facebook.

I know I've been absent from Cake-A-Saurus for a few days, but I figured that since I'd power-posted all of those entries from Tumblr, everyone would be preoccupied with retroactively experiencing my awesomeness. Yes, my "self-confidence" is a sarcastic facade. Thanks! =)

I hope you all know I only use emoticons ironically. Kidding. ;)

This post was originally supposed to be coherent, but I suppose they all start that way. And really, how many have ever achieved it? Exactly. Well, now that I feel I've fulfilled my obligation for the next few days, I'd like to direct you to my sister's fantastic blog, The Dapper Dame. My sister and I have had our differences (loudly and quite often during the teen years), but we get along pretty well now, and I have to admit, I really enjoy her blog. Maybe it's just because she's such an interesting person.

Speaking of interesting people, I'd like to shift the focus to my friend Frank. He recently started a blog called Frank for a Moment, and though he hasn't posted anything yet, I can tell you from experience that he's a clever and very fascinating guy. I'm looking forward to reading what he has to say.

Now, I'm planning on not blogging for a few days (most likely two), but knowing me, that will only make me want to blog more. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter. I'm so much more hilarious when I'm not diluted by unlimited characters.

P.S. If my solicitation of your Twitter attention (or Twittention, if you're retarded) bothers you, please ignore it.


  1. I'm actually glad that Dave went to his ceremony even if he doubted to go at any moment. It's such a big accomplishment, almost like a coming-of-age ceremony, but I wish it didn't turn into a yelling match between the family. Maybe he'll look back at his ceremony and appreciate it or maybe not. Who can tell what the future holds, right?

    Definitely added Katie to my blogging. Will have to look more about it later.

    Thanks for the plug. Enjoy your night!

  2. Thanks, Frank. You can always count on free advertising from me.

    Glad to hear you've added Katie. She's awesome.

    Well, I doubt he'll look back and be happy he went, but hopefully he'll be less angry about it.