Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seize the Day?

I had another seizure. I think it was my 7th. As usual, I was having trouble sleeping, so I was watching TV. I don't remember what was on, but by 5am, it really didn't matter. At that point, I could tell my bloodsugar was pretty low. That was when I got food. Unfortunately, it didn't work fast enough, because I woke up two hours later with blood all over my shirt while sitting in a puddle of... okay, keep in mind that when you have a seizure, you lose all control of your bodily functions. I woke up in a puddle of urine. That was incredibly disgusting. And embarrassing. That was the first time I'd ever done that.

Once I cleaned myself up, I dragged my sorry ass upstairs and woke up my mom. She handles medical stuff. And the clean-up. After ascertaining that I was not in imminent danger of dying, she suggested I get some sleep and told me she'd check my bloodsugar later in the day to make sure I was still alright.

Seizures really tire you out, but they also make you hurt. The seizure was yesterday morning and every muscle and joint in my body is aching. After my mom checked me out, I downed two gravol, two tylenol, and two motrin, and called it a day. Night. I woke up at 8pm, got out of bed, ate something, and fell asleep again until 1:30.

My sleep schedule is now completely reversed and I really want to go back to sleep. But I can't. Catherine is going to colour my hair at 12:30. I'm excited for that, but the end result is me being "ready" for the art show that I am supposed to be in on Thursday. Not excited for that.

Forgive the more serious post today, and the slightly scattered approach. I think my brains are scrambled.

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