Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh My God, Guys! I'm Changing!

Like, as a person, not my clothes. Though, I kind of am changing my clothes, but not right now. So, clarification? Well, on Tuesday, my sister, my mom, and I drove down to visit my cousins in the ol' United States. While we were there, we did what we do best and fought. I mean, shopped. (Fighting used to be our best skill -- see what I mean about change?)

Now to shed a little light onto the whole clothes thing. I actually bought clothes (well, a skirt) at American Eagle. A few years ago, that behaviour would have been followed swiftly by social shunning and disappointment in myself. Having grown up a bit (a very little bit), I no longer care where I buy my clothes from, so long as they fit and look good. And the skirt I bought fell into those two categories. Not only that, but it's tiered. Tiered. I hate tiered clothing. Or I used to. I also used to hate clothes made for women, preferring to live in oversized hoodies and t-shirts with rude sayings (the classic "misunderstood teen" wardrobe). My current wardrobe is mostly comprised of fancy, girly tops; a collection I added to during our trip.

Another surprising change (if you're my family, anyway), is my new tolerance of pizza. For the first 23 years of my existence, I really didn't like pizza (even hated it). But since Pat broke his foot, I've been spending days assisting him with baking and cooking. Predictably, Pat eventually wanted to make pizza. Since I helped him make it, I promised to try some (the part with only cheese and sauce). It was really fuckin' good. I've since moved on to store-bought pizza, which is apparently too much for my family to comprehend. Dave not included. (He's still included in the family, though.)

I suppose that, during the trip, I had a small-scale epiphany, wherein I realized how different I am now as opposed to how I was less than a year ago. I like most of the changes I've undergone. The ones I don't like are the usual things people complain about: (slight) weight gain, (drastically) decreased productivity, etc. Overall, not bad.

In convolutedly related news, I've almost finished Russell Brand's My Booky Wook. So far, it's awesome. He really is a talented writer. So talented, in fact, that I'm going to go read a few more pages before bed.

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