Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh No

CRAP. I'm a big fan of the band We The Kings. Or I was, until I found out that their latest single features Demi Lovato. If you don't know who Demi Lovato is, I am jealous. She's another tween Disney-clone tossed out into the world of horrible children's television and given a recording contract. I understand that kids and tweens like that sort of "music", and that's fine. What's not fine is a cool-ish, indie-type emo band choosing to work with ones of these so-called "tween sensations".

I do have to admit that at least they didn't choose Miley Cyrus (I think my fingers just broke in protest to typing "her" name), but still, why did they have to feature anyone? And if they did, why didn't they choose someone cool, like Regina Spektor? She works with a lot of people. She's really good.

I confess that I have not listened to the song as of yet, but I'm not protesting the music, I'm protesting the industry (and the destruction of the music industry) that tweens like Demi Lovato represent.

I've never felt so much a snob as I do now. Sorry for the ranting. I've mellowed quite a bit when it comes to music, but there are still certain genres/artists that I actively oppose. Just not usually on the internet.

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