Wednesday, September 15, 2010

People Seriously Think This Way?!

I was reading FMLs and came across a link to this blog post in a comment. Aside from the author offensively using the term "fatty" and the subject of the post implying that he did a "fat chick" a favour by deigning to pay attention to her, the post is fairly tame. What's atrociously revolting is the comments section. If you don't feel like reading through the comments, I'll sum up the vomit-inducing gist of what was being said after I share my comments on the blog:

"Wow, everyone talking about 'fatties' and 'that’s how all women are' are assholes. I’m so glad I don’t go to bars or clubs (not that this town has clubs). But the fact that people really think this way is disgusting! Disgusting, shallow, and repulsive.

And to the guy who said '… the best comeback I’ve seen … was to get rough and physical on her ass. They need this from time to-time.', I have to say: You are a worthless excuse for a human being. Sure, she was bitchy and throwing a drink in your face could tenuously be deemed assault, but that doesn't give you the right to become physical. You're a domestic violence case waiting to happen."

Firstly, when people assume that women who are overweight are immediately unattractive, I get very angry. I know plenty of women (famous and not) who aren't skinny, but are gorgeous nonetheless. Weight doesn't define beauty, but shallowness is a good indication of a douchebag.

Secondly, I was honestly shocked that people actually think that way. I mean, I know I can be naïve, but the levels of chauvinism and pure superficiality were overwhelmingly loathsome. I literally feel the bile creeping up my throat. If I weren't drinking a glass of water, I assume I'd have lost control of my gag reflex by now. Some "people" just shouldn't be considered "human".

I know I'm being unbelievably judgmental, but in my defence, this is my blog. I don't go out to bars and whatnot, purging the world of revolting, so-called "human" trash. I simply abhor them from the safety of my internet connection.

Feel free to tell me that I'm way out of line, or that I'm being unfair in my conclusions. It does happen. And not exactly rarely.

Anyway, from what I could tell, there were at least a few people from the DC area. So, main conclusion? Stay the fuck away from DC. Or at least bars there. I can't help it. I hate people who judge others due simply to their appearance. Not that I'm entirely guiltless. I do admit to being prejudiced against random people. However, the difference between the degenerates in question and myself is that I don't dismiss people based on those preconceived notions. I give people a chance. And I hate people.

Everyone has prejudices. It's natural. What makes you an asshole is making the assumption that you're better than others because of those prejudices.

End rant.

In other news, I smashed my face into a wall tonight. Fun! What happened was, I was running out of the family room when my foot caught the leg of a table (that, in my defence, is not usually in the family room) and I fell, ramming my face (very painfully) into the door-jam. No lasting damage, but I've got a cut next to my left eye (and quite a lump), and some very bruised and sore toes. As for my glasses, well, they've been with me almost 10 years. Hopefully my brother can patch them up. They're holding together for now, but they won't last much longer. Nearly ripped the arm right off the side. What's sad is that I actually cried when I saw the damage I'd done to them. I got them when I was 15, and they are the best emo glassed I've ever found. They're black, horn-rimmed, rectangular, and matte. You can't find frames like these anywhere else in town. Not anymore, anyway.

This is pretty much what they look like, but with a few subtle differences:

This also showed up when Google imaging "horn-rimmed glasses":

That's Thora Birch in 2001's Ghost World, starring with Scarlett Johanssen and Steve Buscemi. I'm obsessed with Thora Birch, but don't let that fool you: Ghost World is a fantastic story. I watch it for more than just amazing actors.

Now for something weird. This came up when I searched for horn-rimmed glasses:

Poor Piggy. I can't watch The Lord of the Flies without thinking about Piggy. And the poor kid whose lizard was murdered. Man, that was such a fucked up movie/book.

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