Saturday, October 2, 2010

Odd Morning

As with every morning, I was reluctant to get out of bed today. After about 20 minutes of stalling, I finally got off my ass and went to go brush my teeth. I had just put the paste on the brush when I heard someone at the front door. Someone in the house is expecting a package (and if I ever paid attention, I'd probably know who) so I didn't want to just ignore whoever was knocking.

Toothbrush in hand, I opened the door to find... two nicely dressed women (one was clearly the other one's daughter -- she was about 16). The 16-year-old saw the brush and gave me an apologetic smile. The older woman asked if I was my mother. When I said no, she asked if my mom was home. I told them she was sleeping (which she was), and that's when the woman introduced herself as a Jehovah's witness. She said that she'd spoken to my mother a few months ago and had some literature that my mom had requested.

My question (which I kept to myself): If she's met my mother, how did she mistake me for her? I assume she meets plenty of people a day, but I'm 23. My mom is not. You'd think she'd at least remember the general age of my mom if she could remember her name.

I think those Jehovah's witnesses are getting sneakier.

I took the pamphlets my mom allegedly asked for, held up the toothbrush (still with toothpaste and still in my hand), and said, "You caught me just as I was about to brush my teeth. I should go finish that up."

The daughter was very sweet. She smiled happily and said goodbye. Her mother (also nice) said, "Well, at least you brush your teeth."

And with that odd statement, they left, I brushed my teeth, and the adventure was over.

I should say that I have nothing against Jehovah's witnesses. I do find the universalizing religions a bit rude, but it's the religion itself that promotes that. Anyways, I am so not stepping into the religious discussion tar pit.

Side note: Universalizing religions are religions that recruit new members and attempt to appeal to everyone rather than a specific group of people. Christianity is a universalizing religion.

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