Friday, October 22, 2010

SHOES (Really)

People are often surprised when I show my girly side. Buying a scarf, owning a dress, wearing a skirt, etc. What everyone who knows me knows, however, is that I am obsessed with shoes. And right now, the shoes that have caught my fancy are these:

Never before have I had dirty feelings for a shoe.

Really, how fantastically, frighteningly adorable are they? If your answer isn't "unbearably so", you are incorrect. Perhaps it's my infatuation with JAWS, or my inexplicable fear of deep water, but these shoes are fucking awesome! You wouldn't think a fear of something would make you love its inhabitants, but maybe I'm crazy. Then again:

Probably took a couple of faces to make them, though.
Poor cows.

Long story short, I love sharks, I love shoes. Sharks + shoes = EPIC LOVE.

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