Monday, October 11, 2010

Still Under Water Restriction

On Saturday, an alert went out stating that there was a problem with some of the pumps at the local water treatment/PUC plant. Apparently the pumps were submerged and stopped working, disallowing them from refilling the reservoir. People living on top of the hill (ex// me) were advised not to use the water for bathing or laundry, and to boil drinking water for one minute before consumption.

That was at 4pm. By 9:30pm, a press release stated that we could use the water hygienically in small amounts. On Sunday, the restriction status was the same. As of today, we're still under restriction, but now there are two operational pumps, as opposed to only one during Saturday and Sunday. There are usually four pumps working to replenish the reservoir. The situation is stable, according to, but the restriction is expected to last for a few more days at least (and several weeks at most).

Why am I saying all this? I want a normal shower, dammit! Then again, for me, a "normal shower" lasts for about 40 minutes. What? I like to sing in there. Either way, I am pretty damn grateful to be able to shower at all without having to go to someone else's house.

As much as I love living here in this neighbourhood, man, do we ever have problems here. In a six-month period, our power may fail for no reason as many as seven times. Why? We have no idea, and apparently neither does the city. Nothing in our house or neighbourhood ever works properly (not even the neighbours -- the one across the street is a major tool, as is the one to our right -- more on that later).

I suppose I never really thought about water use here, seeing as we live on a river draining into Lake Superior and, as far as I can remember, have never experienced a water restriction before. Here's hoping this is the last one.

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