Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas is Upon Us!

Which sounds a little bit creepy.

Well, I binged on online shopping and almost finished my Christmas shopping this evening. Thus far, I've spent $17 on my dad (kitchen supplies -- he so doesn't read my blog), $28 on my brother (it's kind of food related -- he doesn't read it either), $20 on my mom (I don't think she knows I have a blog), and $29 on Pat (he does read it, so I shall reveal nothing). Where I'm having trouble is my sister. I can't find a gift I think she'd really like. Oh, I forgot: about $18 on Kendra. You better like it, missy! (That was a joke. But seriously, you better like it.)

As for Katie, I'm stumped. I really want to get her the "Schrute Farms Beets" shirt, but a) I can't find a PayPal friendly site that's selling it for under $30 and b) I'm rapidly approaching my Christmas budget limit -- I only have $17 more before I'm broke. I hate to spend so little on my sister, which is why I will be selling jewellery like a madwoman in an attempt to raise more Christmas funds. If you like jewellery or girls, check out my deviantART account for more information! (Sorry to be such a fund-whore.)

Honestly, though, I'm just glad to be done. Or almost done. I technically still haven't gotten Catherine a gift yet, but I plan to make her jewellery. As cheap as that sounds.

For those of you who want to see my shopping list, that's too bad. I'd love to show you, but I don't want anyone ruining the surprise.

Instead, why not tell me what you're getting your friends/family for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice/the holidays?

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