Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Serious Question

If you could be rescued by one superhero, who would it be?

Pat asked me that this morning, and it was a difficult choice. I'm probably the only person who loves Aquaman (what? He's not entirely useless), but I'm terrified of deep water. I would certainly prefer not to be saved from one of my worst fears.

Which leads perfectly into my next choice: Captain Planet. I mean, come on. I can't be in that much trouble if Captain Planet can save me. Plus, 80s cartoon kitsch was such a big part of my childhood that for a while, I actually believed "Heart" was a legitimate power.

I had one more stop before reaching my final decision: Rogue. I love Rogue. She's fantastic and fantastically sexy, and if I could only touch her (nothing says "thank you" like a long, steamy kiss) I would most certainly choose her. But that's not possible (don't even point out the irony), so I must pass on her.

My final choice? WOLVERINE! Especially the 2000 rebooted version played by Hugh Jackman. Not only is he sexy, but he's one step removed from Rogue if you follow that story line. And I plan to.

When I asked others who they'd want to be rescued by, these were their answers:
Pat - The Punisher ("'Cause he'd probably let me have a gun and I could shoot some faces off.")
Jordan - Spiderman (because despite his slight dorkiness, he's pretty epic and a classic.)
Jeremie - Deadpool (Originally "Link! Or Sheik!" Not really superheroes, but Jeremie's a special case.)
Dave - Not Aquaman (My brother is fantastically hilarious.)

As for Jew, well:
Jew: You know that chick from X-Men who zaps your powers?
Me: Rogue?
Jew: No, the one where if there's any skin-on-skin contact she sucks your life force.
Me: Rogue?
Jew: [Goes back to watching The Big Bang Theory.]

Jew is a funny, funny kid. So now the question is: Who would you want to be rescued by?

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