Thursday, November 25, 2010

What Is?

This post is going to be a bit different than my usual fare. I wrote this yesterday and I actually really like it. So, hopefully you enjoy a bit of my poetry. If not, never fear. This won't become a permanent feature.


What Is?

what is love that does not travel?
has no destination,
ends in uncertain wanderings,
devoid of ambition.

what is love without promises?
of rings, of kisses,
of unfettered, unregulated,

what is love that ends and begins,
at the fork in the road?
at the hard decision,
that is never made?

what is love without choice?
a three-ringed circus,
of lust, longing, and
lack of decision.

what is love?
it hurts and betrays,
deceives its victims,
but rewards them,
with endless

what is love?
what isn't?


You may have noticed the lack of capitalization. I prefer to leave off any capitals so as to avoid unintentional emphasis. I usually go Spartan with the punctuation too, but it just feels right as is.

If you have any critiques, feel free to share.

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