Thursday, December 30, 2010

The News? Go Me!

The bug that's currently making the rounds within our household has apparently taken the whole city by storm. And I don't seem to have an umbrella.

Yesterday at around 5am I started experiencing the same gastrointestinal pyrotechnics that my brother and sister had been showing off. Lucky me, being diabetic, that meant a trip to the ER to make sure my bloodsugar stayed stable.

While I was hooked up to a vast array of fancy drugs, a news crew came into the hospital. They were interviewing people, and my mom being not only a nurse, but a nurse whose children had all been hit was on their list of interviewees. They asked my permission for her to talk about "my condition" and I told them I didn't care. Then, twenty-some minutes later, they asked if they could film my mom and I. Again, I didn't care. All I was doing was lying in a bed.

And thus, I was on the news last night. For barfing my innards out.

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