Monday, December 27, 2010


Sorry for last night's post, guys! I have just deleted it. Anyway, in the light of 10am, things are looking a lot better. At least as far as my new computer goes. I was incredibly pissed off last night when I found out that my 500GB harddrive was partitioned into primary (116GB) and secondary (384GB) drives. I know it's the big thing now, but it's a pain in the butt. However, I've now gotten used to it and I'm over it. It's still majorly annoying, but it's workable.

Another thing that was driving me nuts was this thing's seeming inability to download and install uTorrent (or anything else). After shutting the thing down and letting it install its random updates, I turned it on this morning to find that everything works fine. There are still a few glitches, but nothing urgent.

Now, as we speak, I'm finishing up my customization of Firefox, getting all my music moved onto this new beast, and downloading any extraneous applications that make a laptop feel like home.

Also, just for fun, I named my computer Professor Fuzzyboots. Big BangTheory rocks.

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