Friday, January 21, 2011

In a Town Where Gruesome, Horrible Things Never Happen

If you recognize that line from Gilmore Girls, you watch it way too much (and if you can correct it, try to remember what natural light looks like).

WARNING: This post contains details of a horrific local crime. This is not fit for children or young audiences.

A few weeks ago (or less -- my perception of time is unbelievably flawed), a man's body was found out on 4th Line (pretty much the outskirts of town) with its head and fingers removed. That wasn't the most shocking aspect of the case. The body was also riddled with nails. As in "hammer and".

Our city isn't very large. It has a population of 71,000, 35 times less than that of Toronto. As you can probably tell, murders aren't very common here. Particularly ones so gruesome. The whole town is abuzz with talk of our city's would-be mob; we have a high Italian population and some members of said nationality try to act out the stereotypes. That being said, it would seem that someone crossed the wrong "family".

The police are still attempting to identify the man (so far as I know), and have asked the public for help in locating the remaining body parts (fingers).

You're probably wondering why I'm blogging about this. To be honest, I don't really know. I guess maybe to raise awareness. My own awareness. This really is the real world. Not just "Level 1". Though if this is Level 1, the power-ups in this game really fucking suck.

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