Sunday, February 13, 2011


I was going to post about something or other today, but when I came upstairs for dinner, I forgot everything that had previously happened in my life. Why? This:

My dad loves to play dress up with his facial hair. There are usually a few reruns and once in a while he even goes with a clean slate (Tabula Rasa is such a good episode of Buffy), but never before has he done this: The Chopper. He looks like he should be riding a Harley and wearing a bandana and leather jacket. He loved it when I said that, too.

Now I'm watching The Office and eagerly awaiting my mom's return. She isn't usually a fan of his follicular forays, so I'm extremely excited for her reaction.

I think I was going to blog about music. Or I was finally going to post about Resident Evil: Afterlife. Well, I'll get to those. For now, 'stache sculpting.

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