Friday, February 18, 2011

The Most Disturbing Commercials

As Easter is approaching, Cadbury is once again taking up ad space on TV. Now, I'm not knocking the products. Cadbury Cream Eggs are deliciousness incarnate. However, their commercials are trying to hit that Easter story a little too closely.

Example: In one commercials, one of the eggs removes the wrapper around the cork of a champagne bottle. It proceeds to shake the bottle until the cork starts to come out, then allows itself to be smashed against the ceiling by said cork. If the egg reformed and wrapped itself back up (with a few holes), it would be just like Jesus' resurrection. Except that he didn't lose a death match to a cork.

Of course, the principal difference here is that the eggs are committing suicide and Jesus ... I'm going to end this comparison now. It will only end in tears (my tears due to all the religious blow-back). My point is that commercials shouldn't depict delicious snacks causing their own doom.

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