Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Most Pointless Product

Anyone who's watched TV with me knows that there are a good many commercials that incite my ire. Lately, my favourite shows have been inundated with one particularly stupid commercial. Okay, to be fair, it's the product that's really pointless.

Get this: Hands-free soap dispenser. I know it sounds like a good idea at first, but go with me here. The entire basis of their product is that you touch soap dispensers when your hands are dirty, thus dirtying said dispensers. Makes sense.

Here's where they lost the logic train: Since your muddy hands contaminate the dispenser, every time you touch it, your hands get further and further contaminated. Oh no! Dirty hands! Wait... what are these things dispensing again? Oh yeah, soap. Which you use to wash your hands. After touching the filthy dispenser. Somehow, I think they forgot that last step.

You know who didn't forget it? ME. And it's all I can think about when that stupid product id being flashed across the screen. DAMN YOU, HANDS-FREE SOAP DISPENSERS!

Update: I found out whose it is! Lysol, you bitch!

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