Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day Late (Dollar Short)

Decent song.

As the title says, this post is a day late. And it's also about a movie. Specifically, Sucker Punch. My friends and I have been looking forward to
Sucker Punch since we saw the first trailer. The visuals looked amazing, the cast was impressive (minus Vanessa Hudgens), and the director had several wicked films under his belt.

Which is why I was shocked to see so many negative reviews. The critics
hated it. Its MetaCritic score was only 35, and for the first few days, its rating on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) was below 5 (most decent movies hover between 7 and 8).

Both Jordan and I loved the film. The use of music as a narrative tool and the strength of the visual representations were only the beginning of a long list of impressive cinematic attributes. In the entire opening sequence, not a word is spoken, and it immediately draws you in. Though the film has an almost Lost-like ability to leave you wondering what the hell is happening, it does drop hints along the way without holding your hand.

The best part of the film (in my opinion), was that it left room for personal interpretation. That's not to say that the plot isn't clear (once you get to the end), but some of the events which take place within the fantastic scenarios can be interpreted in several ways. I'd love to share my personal thoughts on the plot itself, but I don't want to post any spoilers.

The point here is that sometimes the critics are just plain wrong. Just like they were about Scott Pilgrim. SO GOOD.

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