Thursday, April 7, 2011

Photography Results

Hey guys, did you know? My last post was my 100th on Blogger! Feels like home.

Now photography. Oh! No, wait. Before I get to the results of the workshop, I have to mention something I forgot to bring up in my Insidious rant. During the credits, I usually spend my time reading funny names out loud and laughing at the weird-sounding jobs. One job really caught my eye: Director of Photagraphy. PhotAgraphy. Seriously. Way to go, Credits Editor.

But back to photography in the outdoors. Last Saturday, after the workshop, Mr. Stares (the instructor) told us that he and Rob (the organizer) would be reviewing our photos and they would choose the two best. Those two will be displayed in our local art gallery. Tonight, I finally chose the photo that I wanted to submit:

I chose this photo because I love the way it looks as if the "leaves" are embracing and protecting the buds. It just seems... friendly. And caring. And I'm a sucker for that sort of thing. I hope you guys like my choice as much as I do. I wanted to get some feedback before submitting, but I'm a procrastinator so I ran out of time.

I'll let you know if I rank in the top two!


  1. The photo is beautiful! I hope they choose yours (they should)!

  2. Thanks, Katie! Your opinion means a lot =)