Thursday, May 12, 2011

Holy Employment, Batman!

Not the most original title, and I know I can only ever use that joke once, but my ability to form even a semi-creative title or throw in a pun is severely limited today.

I've been fairly absent from here for the last few days. You can thank my new job for that. At first I was overwhelmed with stress and the fear that not only would I fail at this job, but that I would fail spectacularly. So far, my fears have gone unrealized.

However, what I've realized is that every day becomes a little less stressful than the one before. Why? Because I actually know what I'm doing now. I was trained and I now have a fairly good grasp on all of my duties. I won't lie and say I'm totally calm and cool now (though when am I ever cool?), but I'm at least not running to the bathroom to cry three times a day.

It seems like I may actually be in a job I feel comfortable with, though if this blog post jinxes it, I will invent time travel just to punch myself in the face for this.

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