Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Last Nite

(I love The Strokes.)

I've been unemployed for over a year, but I've been putting out resumes and looking for a good job. Last night, my former boss from the Arts Council called me, asked why I hadn't applied for the job opening there. She told me to bring in my resume today for an interview.

The interview went well. I was terrified, of course, and I still am. Why? Because she offered me the job immediately after the interview was done. I'm ecstatic that I am now employed, but I'm also really stressed out. I know that since I've already worked with the Arts Council I shouldn't have too much trouble adjusting to this new position. I also know that when I was working there before, Rob, who held this position then, was a constant ball of stress.

I think that once I get in there and start doing the job, everything will be a lot less overwhelming. I think what I'm saying is "wish me luck".

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