Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Minnie Riperton Surprise

For anyone who's seen Disturbia, you may not recognize the singer's name (Minnie Riperton), or the title of the song (Lovin' You), but hopefully the lyrics will jog your memory: "No one else can make me feel the colours that you bring." Kale plays it to drown out the music at Ashley's party.

Why am I talking about a song from 1975 from the soundtrack of a movie from 2007? Because as I was walking to the bank on my lunch break, the speakers down Queen St. were pumping out the jams. The "jams" in question being "Lovin' You". It made my day. Of course, at that point, I had no idea that my day was about to improve beyond belief.

That was a little flowery, but it's definitely a necessary embellishment. I was only one block from the office when a bus pulled up next to the sidewalk and one familiar person emerged. I shouted her name a few times, but the sound of the bus' insanely loud engine drowned me out. There was no way I was running in that heat, so I was lucky when she heard me on my third attempt. It was Bee-Bee, the most insightful, fun, fantastic, and intelligent person I met at Algoma University. I'm not putting down any of the amazing people I met there, I'm just saying that Bee-Bee is incredible.

What was even more incredible was her news: She's written a book! Bee-Bee has always been a talented writer, and I'm so excited to finally be able to purchase something she's written. Right now, the book's only available at the university's book store, but knowing Bee-Bee, soon it'll be a bestseller. Seeing her and hearing her news just brightened my day; a challenging feat on a day when the air feels wet to breath and the sun is clinging to your sweat.

I'll definitely keep you all updated on Bee-Bee's book, and let you know when it's in a store near you!

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