Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Naked Eyelid

The other night, after my brother's 19th birthday bash, my left eyelid started to hurt. I figured it was a bug bite, as the mosquitoes were vicious that night. I woke to find a slightly puffy eyelid that hurt when I blinked (or pretty much did anything).

My mom, the nurse, suggested that I put a warm teabag on it for a while. I chose a lovely lemon chamomile and got all British on my eye, looking like the pansiest pirate ever. I didn't notice a difference that night, but when I woke up this morning, hey! No pain! Must be all better, right?

Sure. Totally fine.

It may seem weird, but I actually kind of like it. Stylin'. At least, more so than before, when it looked like I had a golf ball under there. I'm weird, though; I like having freaky looking injuries to show off. If only I didn't wear glasses, my coworkers could enjoy this all day:

God, I need to pluck those brows.

Now I'm just waiting to see how it looks tomorrow. I'm hoping for some really dark purples. Maybe some black. So long as I don't go all LA Ink, I think I'm good. (For those of you who haven't seen it, I'm referring to the episode where Kat gets bit on the eyelid by a spider and then it blows up like a balloon full of horror. She gets a great eye-patch, though.)

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