Saturday, June 11, 2011

Uncorking the Grapes of MATH?

Clearly, Global News has abandoned all pretense of not being as bad as Fox News. One of their stories tonight is going to be about China's growing taste for fine wine. That sounds almost interesting. So why am I blogging about something barely at the fringes of a good story? Did you read my title? I didn't make that up. That was Global News' actual title for the story. "Uncorking the Grapes of Math". "The Grapes of MATH".

There are so many reasons why that is a horrible title. The most obvious: The stereotype that Asian people are wizards at math. If it were just an awful pun, it wouldn't be so bad. But it's an awful pun based on a novel about the GREAT DEPRESSION. It's also based on a novel that's all about people trying to escape their horrible circumstances in their home state (Oklahoma) and make their way to what they hope will be a much better place (California). Global, are you insinuating that any Chinese immigrants who enter Canada only have exploitation and poverty to look forward to?

The best part of this whole experience was seeing it again, 45 minutes later, with the offending title removed. It's like they saw this coming.

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