Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hoo Boy

I promise that this is not going to become a ghost-blog. I have been insanely busy with work, but I'm going to start dedicating more time here.

As far as personal news goes, WOW. A lot has happened. The most recent occurrence was my sister smashing her face into a rock out at Bathtub Island. It's a neat rock formation just off a beach. My sister, being the graceful pixie that she is, slipped on the wet rocks, smashed a golf ball sized lump into her head, and turned the water a lovely shade of crimson. She's okay, otherwise I wouldn't be blogging this, but she did have to be picked up. She couldn't exactly drive with blood gushing from a head injury. So, my mom, my friend, and I, all drove out to meet my cousins and aunt who were driving her and her vehicle. We arrived at Agawa Indian Crafts, the agreed upon meeting place, and searched out my slightly worse-for-wear sister. That was when I started laughing. At the maxi-pad stuck to her head. Those things sure are absorbent.

My mom took Katie back to town to the hospital, and Pat, my friend, and I drove Katie's car back. Long story short, eventful day.

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