Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Jealousy

My sister, the Dapper Dame, has recently relocated to Alberta and I am jealous. Of course, I'm only jealous of her Thanksgiving weekend. Mine was certainly nowhere near as exciting, but it was fun in its own right.

It started off with a glorious night of Magic the Gathering with my charismatic American buddies that lasted far later than expected (but totally worth it!), then transformed into a Saturday sleepover/shopping spree with one of my nearest and dearest, June (not her real name). Most of Saturday is a blur as I was massively sleep deprived from Friday's antics, but I do remember purchasing X-Men: First Class and revelling in its magnificence once more. Also purchased: Tangled on bluray, Supertroopers on DVD. Tomorrow: House season 6, Bones season 6. I am going to be so busy.

As you may have guessed, Saturday's was also a sleepless night, so on Sunday, I had the intention of going home and sleeping. I managed that for a few hours before my brother's ex-girlfriend, current friend, Mandy (also not her name) and her brother Bob came over to whisk me away to Hiawatha (a local park/hiking area). Of course, all I knew about this outing was that they wanted someone to help them film something. I'm not exactly a practised cinematographer, and I had no idea what the "something" they intended to film was going to be.

After we spent about an hour filming the opening scene at my place, we took to the road and wound our way through the city. At this point, I still wasn't clear on what was happening (and even after almost finishing the project, I'm still not sure I get it). I figured that since autumn is a busy place for Hiawatha, there would be enough witnesses to point the finger at Mandy and Bob should I disappear. Clearly, I made it out alive, and with some pretty good photos. Though my opinion on their quality is biased.

I was intrigued by this root. Of course, from the other side it looked like the tree's testicle.

I'm not clear on this ring's function, but it looked pretty cool.

Mandy getting into her "costume". Seriously, no idea.

Bob being way to backlit.

The "dam". I put it in quotes 'cause it was my first visit to it.

For more photos from the trip, hit up my deviantART account. Yes, I'm promoting myself.

The whole outing was only supposed to last one or two hours. By 6:30pm, we'd been out for 4 and a half hours. Thankfully, I was well coated in sunscreen. Without it, I wouldn't survive 20 minutes. But our mission was ended and they dropped me back off at home where I proceeded to sleep. For several hours.

Today was dedicated to cute movies (Tangled, Anastasia) and classy TV shows (House, Bones). Sadly, tomorrow is work day, but at least I only have four of those this week!

The last few weekends have been incredible. Getting back into photography and writing (and partying) has been so much fun and very inspiring. I'll tell you about another fantastic outing soon!

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  1. Somehow I missed this post. Thanks for the shout-out and looks like you took some lovely photos